The Hospital Ship and More

December 16th, 2010

The Hospital Ship and More

Life has been fairly busy over the autumn, which has prevented me from doing much writing. However, just recently, things have eased-off and I have added a few more pages to the on-going Hospital Ship story.

I am also experimenting to publishing my first story, the Space Station, on Blogger at: . I find Blogger a little less time consuming to post to than WordPress which seems to reformat my text.

I will also try a upload some more of The Space Station on the main site as time allows.

Maybe over Christmas, I will get time to write some more. Hmmm…


July 20th, 2010

I have finally converted my story “BS3’ to page-by-page web pages.Hopefully all the links are ok.

The story can be found at:

I have also posted a few more pages for the new, but perhaps never to be finished story, “The Hospital Ship”.

This story can be found here:

Unfortunately there appears to be little time for writing these days, but when I can, I will post some more text. I have some holiday coming-up fairly soon, so who knows, I may have a burst of productivity.


Two Projects

May 2nd, 2010

Two Projects

I have two projects on the go currently, if I sense they will be slow in coming to fruition.

I am slowing converting BS3 to a page by page form on the web site. I have made a start and this can be found at:

I am also starting to write another story, provisionally entitled “The Hospital Ship”. I am not sure when this will see the light of day, perhaps 2015! But, then again, that might be too optimistic. However, I might try to post some drafts on the web site soon.


April 20th, 2010

I have now added the entirety of 2_Kontrol as individual web pages.There is a table of contents at:- .

Website Additions

April 6th, 2010

I have begun to add more of the 2_Kontrol story to the website in approximate page-length chunks. I will gradually add more. Hopefully, the links are all working.

July 19th, 2009

I have been exploring how to publish my second story, “2_Kontrol”. This have proved more long-winded and more trying than I expected.

I embarked on an ill-fated related with Lulu. At least on the face of it, this company appears to have a good web presence. Importantly, they appear to offer cheap self-publishing facilities and the capacity to publish in e-book format in parallel with physical on-demand publishing. In practice, I would not recommend Lulu to my worst enemy. This company provides the most appalling service and never responds to emails. My own experience would suggest that no one considering self-publishing should go near this company. A quick search using google suggests others have experienced problems with Lulu.

I have just uploaded my most recent story on Blurb. This site offers the facility to edit and upload books, order and sell them. There is a programme you can download and which helps considerably in the design of your book, if you do have to do a fair amount of pre-editing of your text file in Word to get a successful import. So far, so good. I have ordered a copy of the resultant paperback, but have yet to see the product. At the moment, if there would be a criticism, it is that for a small paperback, the Blurb system seems to lead to a fairly expensive product. Otherwise, currently my impression is that Blurb constitutes a fast and flexible system of self-publication where the author can retain considered control over the publication process (particularly in terms of look and timing of publication, less so in terms of the total cost to the consumer). As a site, they are also fairly friendly to non-US nationals, quoting their prices in a range of currencies.
Anyway, I hope my book can be found and ordered at: .

I am still exploring the possibility of making my story available in an electronic format. In this respect, there is a site called Yodu which looks particularly interesting. Unfortunately this does require some financial investment to set-up properly and I am also about to disappear on holiday, so any developments with respect to Yodu will have to wait. However, if I do many to publish on Yodu, this should mean a much cheaper, primitive e-book being available.

First Post! – Publication of “The Space Station”

December 22nd, 2008

Well, I am struggling to think of some words for a first entry.

It is just before Christmas, 2008 and I have managed to get something published with Arima Publishing and their “Swirl” imprint – if you have to poke around on their website to find it!

Over the weekend the story has appeared somewhat incrementally on and Editing this entry on the 31st December, there are now a number of book sites which will return the “The Space Station” on being searched, including WH Smiths

We will have to see what happens next.

I am writing something else but we will have to see whether this sees the light of day.